Each of the novels in the Long Division series includes a Dramatis Personae at the back which introduces the main characters and some of the secondary characters as well.  Here are some excerpts from those sections.

Dramatis Personae

Roy Carrara

A gentle, middle-aged bear, Roy is the proprietor of The Thread Bear, a men's clothing store established by his father.  Roy served in a special communications unit of the US Army during World War II.  Roy is bisexual with a preference for males, especially a certain young coyote.

Tracy Becker

A sensitive coyote, Tracy spends his days working at the Salvation Army Shop and his evenings with the bear he loves.  Normally very easy going, Tracy can become ultra competitive when given a challenge.

Terry Becker

Tracy’s twin brother, Terry, was born 4-1/2 minutes ahead of his sibling.  The two brothers were as close as could be, spending every day of their childhood together. 

Marco Russo

Marco is a lynx who met Roy at the age of four.  The two became best friends and they often characterized their relationship as brothers.

Hunter Stanfield

Hunter is a coyote who is enrolled in the School of Culinary Arts at Kendall College.  He dreams of becoming a chef one day.  Hunter meets Tracy and the two coyotes form a close, although short-lived relationship.

Sarah McIntyre

Sarah is a lynx who is unusually portly for her species.  She works as a waitress in Marty’s Diner, where she first met Roy.  Over time, she’s become his best friend and confidante.

Lucy Williams

A smart and witty German Shepherd, Lucy works with Tracy at the Salvation Army Shop managed by her father.  She has a keen sense of humor and loves to fluster the males in her life with it.  She has become Tracy's closest friend next to Roy and is always prepared to offer him support and advice.

Eddie and Oria Carrara

Roy's parents are first-generation American bears of Italian heritage.  Eddie founded The Thread Bear and has since turned the reigns of the business over to his son.  He is semi-retired, still helping out when Roy needs a hand.  Family means everything to Oria, who is passionate about caring for her husband and their only son.

Joseph and Christine Russo

Marco’s family is moderately wealthy thanks to his father Joseph’s extremely successful importing business.  Joe spends much of his time traveling between his offices in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco.  Christine is a socialite who spends much of her time at the beauty salon or engaging her upper-class friends.

Hamilton Winograd

Outwardly, Hamilton appears to be just an ordinary middle-class male.  A professor of Geology at Waldren College, this elephant has an attractive wife, a suburban home, and a car.  He should be happy, but not all is perfect in Hamilton’s world.

Natalie Winograd

Natalie is an elephant who uses her dominant personality to get what she wants.  This includes getting Hamilton, whom she met while attending the same small midwestern college and married shortly after his graduation.  For Natalie, social status and appearance mean everything.

John Eisenberg III

An extremely successful businessmouse, John is the third of the Eisenberg dynasty who established a successful chain of department stores and hardware stores in the Chicago area.  Diminutive in size, John is attracted to larger males, one pachyderm in particular.

Aaron Silverstein

Aaron is the first cousin and business partner of John Eisenberg III.  More than just relatives, the two cousins are best friends who literally grew up together in the family business.

Lester Moore

Lester is a Minnesota-born, pencil-chewing beaver who served with Roy during WWII.  The two Army buddies enjoyed hurling insults back and forth, but their banter was always friendly.  Lester hates being called Les and the inevitable “Moore or Les” and “Les is Moore” jokes that go along with the nickname.