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Beaver Damn! Lester Moore Tales

To some, Lester Moore is nothing but a horny, wisecracking beaver.  Others will tell you that he is just plain annoying.  But Les is more than that:  

● A cunning linguist, Lester is an Army communications specialist and translator.

● A loyal son, loving brother, and attentive husband, Lester is a family man.

● To those who take the time to know him, Lester is a good friend.

One thing for certain is that Lester Moore is always entertaining.

Beaver Damn! Lester Moore Tales collects all of the Lester stories from previous Long Division books in a single volume.  In addition, you will find four entirely new chapters plus a supplement that tells even more (or is that Moore?) about the author’s favorite beaver.

(74 pages, 18,812 words)

Beaver Damn!

Paperback Edition

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Beaver Damn!

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