Long Division is a furry, sometimes erotic, tale of romance and drama set in an anthropomorphic version of America of the 20th Century.  Written by Ursus Arctos and based on an idea by Ruxx, there are three novels in the Long Division series, two short story collections, plus one companion volume containing a wealth of bonus material.

From the Foreword to Book I:

When Ruxx began sharing ideas for a comic project that he called Long Division, I had no idea it would turn into a writing project for me.  We were just having fun brainstorming possible story ideas, the characters’ physical and personality traits, back stories, and so on.  On a whim, I wrote out the first two paragraphs of the meeting between Roy and Tracy as a "teaser" for the story.  Those paragraphs grew into the Suit Rental chapter.  Before long, chapter after chapter began popping up in my head, each demanding to be written.

—Ursus Arctos